Since the birth of myGEKKO concept in 1999, brilliant ideas, constant development and competent partners have made myGEKKO what it is today. In the field of home automation, myGEKKO has become virtually indispensable – a fact that speaks in our favour.

myGEKKO is a user-friendly, manufacturer-independent and multiprotocol automation- and control system. myGEKKO gives you the possibility to use the energy in a more effective, flexible and economic way and to control and monitor the plants and devices centrally: whether at home, in enterprises or in a big network.

myGEKKO System Overview
myGEKKO Slide

Elegant & timeless

The myGEKKO Slide is the speaking tube through which the building occupants monitor and control the entire house technology, the control engineer carries out the commissioning and the control optimization and the installer handles service jobs.

The myGEKKO Slide is a complete display and control unit. No PC or computing unit is required for the control.

myGEKKO At home
myGEKKO is the speaking tube between the house and his occupants. With myGEKKO, it is easy to control the various systems installed in the house (lights, heating, ventilation ). This gives you a quick overview of the house and you have everything under control, no matter where you are.

In the past, the only technical device inside the house was the heating in the basement. Bulky, dusty and technically complex. From the point of view of a traditional installation, today there are many different controllers in the house: you have one controller for the ventilation, one fore the heating, one for the irrigation system. Each one of these controllers is isolated and offers different levels of complexity.

myGEKKO replaces all these controllers. With one single central controller, you control all the systems installed in the house. This offers you a quick overview of the entire house and gives you the possibility to link the different systems together. When leaving the house, you can lock the front door, turn off the lights and activate the alarm system with the single push of a button.

In a traditional installation, this is impossible. With myGEKKO, you have far less things to worry about, and you can automate everyday tasks such as heating times, irrigation, shutters, and much more.
Detailed technical overview of the possibilities offered by myGEKKO:
E-mobility - cooperation with BMW i
In the field of electric mobility, there is a big effort to develop innovative solutions able to fulfil the different mobility needs of the consumers. The technology of the charging systems, the storage systems and the recharging infrastructure is constantly expanded and optimized. But a modern mobility concept cannot end at the front door.

In cooperation with BMW i, we have created a connection between the electric car and the house, integrating it directly in the household. The car becomes part of the house and is connected to the other installed systems.

With the program “360° Electric”, BMW offers solutions able to fulfil all customer requirements about electric mobility. With myGEKKO Slide & Drive, BMW i3 and BMW i8 owners can connect their electric car with the house and benefit from the advantages of an efficient and integrated charging- and energy management.
Imagine: you come home with your BMW i and connect it to the BMW i Wallbox Pro charging station. Instantly your car is recharged, the coffee machine turns on and in the background you can hear your favourite music. In addition, myGEKKO Slide and Drive simplifies the energy efficient use of your household appliances.

Further you can increase the yield of the PV system by using the produced energy directly for the car charging process. As extension of the weather forecast, you can also display a forecast of the probable energy production for the following days. This way, the charging will be even more cost-attractive and efficient.

In addition to the intelligent and efficient charging management, myGEKKO also acts as device manager. It organizes and distributes the available energy and assures a trouble-free, efficient and cost-effective operation of charging station and household appliances.